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Kids PreSchool Learning At Home Apps on Google Play

Kids Preschool Learning app is the best application in the world for basic education. The collection includes more than 1 Million mini kid games that are interactive, with helpful voice narration, bright images, and amazing sound effects that will aid your children in learning alphabets, Spelling, Numbers, Colors shapes, vehicles Parts of the body, Days and months, musical instruments, Animals, Coloring Pages, community helpers, fruits and vegetables, Healthy Habits and Environmental Science, Bedtime stories, nursery rhymes, puzzles for children, Jigsaw puzzles, Dress up games, car games and more

Toddlers can learn the fundamentals in ABCs (letters) and numbers (1-10) by using the app (games). Educational games improve child’s ability and enthusiasm to learn new concepts using tablets or phones in a fun manner

Baby games at preschool are enjoyable educational games designed to help improve children’s memory. They also provide no-cost learning games for children.
children playing games are brain trainers and encourage them to learn the spellings of alphabets (letters) as well as numbers (123) Colors, Fruits, animal names, and Shapes, which help increase the memory of children

Colors and shapes in the game Animals and Shapes are fun, easy, and vibrant
More than 750 Drawing Pages for children to color, draw, or draw
Music for Kids games and Xylophone games for toddlers

Kids Learn At Home Android Application Free Download Apps on Google Play

Preschoolers learning apps provide quality education best by exploring with all their senses in order to learn about their surroundings. Their vocabulary is expanding rapidly and they are eager to listen to the stories and utilize their imagination. When they play, they’re more focused on their interests -and may surprise you by their innovative problem-solving abilities! However, they need plenty of help from loving adults to help them build the skills they require to succeed at school and beyond. Check out the resources below to aid your child’s early education.

The current health crisis has provided remote learning with the status of a global phenomenon that has seen stay-at-home orders be cut off from schools across the United States. Early teachers who advocate projects or play-based methods it is a daunting job.

Preschools heavily rely on the openness to play and freedom within the carefully designed environment. Play is the way children learn fundamental social and emotional executive functioning, as well as academic abilities. Early childhood educators typically act as facilitators, leveraging children’s inherent curiosity.

Kids PreSchool Learning At Home Apps on Google Play Kids PreSchool Learning At Home Apps on Google Play Kids PreSchool Learning At Home Apps on Google Play

Kids Preschool Learning Free Basic Education:

Although preschools have shut their doors and moved to online learning, it is vital that these principles are not lost. You can collaborate with families to develop the foundation for a child-centered, play-based learning environment that is more than just interacting with screens. In my school, we’re restricting virtual meetings to a maximum of 30 minutes. We are also giving parents tools to facilitate the learning process at home.

Each week, we have an all-group sing-along that includes around 30 families. The other meetings are held in smaller groups of three up to six kids to accommodate the need for turn-taking, and to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to speak. Attendance is voluntary.

These are other activities my preschool is helping families to continue the education at home while staying in line with what children require the most.

Academic Concepts in the Preschool Curriculum

The preschool curriculum provided at a preschool for a particular child may differ from that available in other schools. This is due to the fact that preschools are not subject to the requirements that govern K-12 education.

Thus, the individual schools and groups of schools are given the right to teach as they like in the way they choose. 3 For instance, preschools within religious institutions could incorporate religious education as part of their program. Montessori preschools employ particular materials and programs to help children learn through hands-on activities. 4

Teachers can also alter their teaching methods to meet the specific needs of students in their class.  Therefore, the best preschools concentrate on specific skills, including math sciences, literacy, and math abilities.

Common Kids Preschool Learning Teaching Methods

If you’re looking into preschools in Singapore You will be able to find these as one of the commonly used preschool methods of teaching:

Montessori Method

Montessori Method The Montessori method is an educational method that was invented at the beginning of the twentieth century, by Italian teacher Maria Montessori. It was founded on an individualistic approach to education. It was founded on the belief that each child has a unique potential and the natural desire to learn.

Reggio Emilia Method

Reggio Emilia Method This approach is based on the idea that children are seen as active and curious learners, who are attracted by their environment and encouraged to discover whenever they get the chance. This type of approach requires educators to provide students with possibilities and experiences specifically those that encourage creativity and self-expression. Teachers carefully monitor student progress as they analyze their own learning.

Kids PreSchool Learning At Home Apps on Google Play Kids PreSchool Learning At Home Apps on Google Play Kids PreSchool Learning At Home Apps on Google Play

The most important concepts of the Kids Preschool Learning curriculum are the following:

  • Calendar that includes the seasons, the days during the week as well as months of the year.
  • Coloring
  • Colors
  • Cooperation
  • Cutting
  • Painting and drawing
  • Gluing
  • Hygiene
  • Letters
  • Listening
  • Nature
  • Numbers
  • Physical activities like jumping, running, and skipping on one foot, or using equipment for play and balls
  • Shapes
  • Sharing
  • Sorting objects
  • Turns to take turns
  • The transition from one type of activity to another
  • Weather
  • Writing numbers and letters

Special Features:

  • An educational app with vibrant colors that assists children in learning about different subjects.
  • This includes the alphabet, color months, sports, vehicle geometric, house, food, and more.
  • Fun phonics track From A-Z
  • Give phonics music in different forms, like songs for animals, coloring song month song, day song, clothing song, etc.
  • Making different quizzes for kids
  • Helps children practice memorizing words, numbers, etc.
  • Simple and clean code with the right comments
  • Best design
  • Share App feature
  • Android Studio IDE
  • Support for all current OS
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Firebase Push Notification

More Inclouded Feature In Kids Preschool Learning:

Toddlers can master the basics of the ABCs (letters) and numbers (1-10) with this application (games). Educational games improve the skills of children and enthusiasm for learning new concepts using tablets or phones in a fun manner.

Preschool baby games are engaging educational games designed to help improve children’s memory and provide fun learning games that are free for children.

learning games serve as brain-training games and encourage children to learn the spelling of Alphabets (letters) as well as numbers (123) Colors, Animal names, fruits, and Shapes.

They also help to enhance the memory abilities of kids

Colors and shapes in the game and Animals are simple, fun, and vibrant

With vibrant images as well as captivating animation and stunning sound effects, children will enjoy every single thing that this educational kids app offers.

They’ll be playing and learning while enjoying the educational activities that are fun and engaging.

If you’re parents or teachers searching for engaging learning games for girls and boys aged between 2 and 6. Preschool Games for kids is the ideal application for your child that allows numerous free games of learning for toddlers.

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