Neurohop Forum – NHF Sample Pack Vol 002 (Wav, MIDI, Synth Preset)

Neurohop Forum – NHF Sample Pack Vol 002 (Wav, MIDI, Synth Preset)

Publisher: Neurohop Forum
Format: WAV, MIDI, AIF, Synth Preset
Quality: 16-32 bits, 44-96 kHz stereo

Key from the Neurohop forum: we obtained a strong reaction from our local area and fans of this NHF gift, which is that our former workers freeze when more than 1,000 people tried to reach this great record in just 60 minutes.

We keep our fingers crossed for those wonderful fans! We want to continue offering high-quality material like this Elite nervous forum sample package, and we thank you again for your understanding and support!

A truly massive volume of value tests (some of which have the characteristics of the stain/bit 192/32) to make music in nervous jump patterns and the defects of the Neurohop package. Despite Hoo-Aplush tests, there are configurations prior to the limit, reactors, and loans for Fl Studio. In addition, in the same way, Midi Records.

Description :

The second series of samples for writing music in the styles of neuro-hop and glitch-hop from the neuro-hop forum.


Bass – 533
Drum Breaks – 74
Melodic – 61
Vocal – 10
Hats & Symbols – 20
Kicks – 58
Percussions – 22
Snares and Claps – 146
Foley – 779
Ableton Racks – 15
Harmor – 3
Massive – 14
Ableton Operator – 1

Additional Information:

Without further delay, we present to you: Neurohop Forum Sample Pack 002! Packed to the gills with quality content, NHF has compiled nearly 4GB of content, including Basslines, Kicks, Snares, FX, presets, and more!
Neurohop Forum Torrent NHF has always been focused on giving back to the producers because, without you, we’d be nothing! We have always strived to utilize our ability to come together as a community, to share and spread knowledge, network, and help one another.


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